Bericht: Spezial-Rassehundeausstellung in Winnenden am 16.09.2017

Spezial-Rassehundeausstellung in Winnenden am 16.09.2017

What a honour to be invited to judge at your lovely show. The weather was warm and the rain stayed away – until a lightning storm, luckily at the end of the show! Of course without the hard work of my two stewards there would be no results at all!!

I was very pleased with the depth of quality and would like to thank each and every exhibitor for giving me the privilege of going over their goldens.

The standard of many took my breath away and I could have written forever on their critiques. Wether large or small framed I looked for correct balance and found it in the majority along with strong, straight toplines on correct length of leg - sadly lacking in the UK - where goldens have now been on KC Breed Watch for three and a half years. Superb preparation and presentation resulted in confident, intelligent, happy characters striding around the ring effortlessly and with drive, a joy to watch.  Coats were at various stages, to be expected in summer, and I would never put coat over conformation - however, I was glad not to see any polar bear coiffured coats. I also appreciated that ringcraft classes are not so common in your area, however, a good judge should be able to see the attributes of the bounding dogs!

Thrilled with all of my winners and pleased when I discovered that the best male and best female were half brother and sister and the dog was RBIS.


Thank you to all of the Committee for the warm welcome and especially the several Monikas and Petras! 

A special thank you to Monika and Joern for their wonderful hospitality on Sunday in their beautiful town of Tübingen, where we had a sightseeing tour and delicious lunch, and took many photos to remember my lovely weekend.

Thank you again for the opportunity to meet your gorgeous dogs.

Janis Ward

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